Germany specific Spyderco model?


Would you be so kind as to help us design a Germany Specific Spyderco model?

We began such a project once before, but then the new law complicated the project.

For the UK, we have the UK Pen knife, our new Urban (smaller than the UK) and our new byrd "wings" model which is a two blade slip-joint. We are also working on inexpensive variations.

As knife laws continue to become more restrictive in different countries, we are trying to create socially friendly, legal, politically correct models.

Each country's needs seem to be different, and will more than likely change in the future. Adapting to these challenging times is important to us.

We would like to keep the safe, high performance function, but still be "proper" to carry every day in each country.



Dear Sal,

as written in the other thread, its is quite unclear, what "legal reasons" means, and how police/jurisdiction will handle that in practice. I would ignore this "legal reason" subject, because its an exception of the rule. Fact is, generally all one hand knives and fixed over 12cm are forbidden to carry in public.

"One hand knives" are knives, which can be opened and locked with one hand. So all slipjoints, friction folders are allowed further on, same with backlocks/linerlocks etc, which have no one hand mechanism.

For example. A Manix without the Spyderhole would be ok, same with the existing UK Pen knife. The first misses the one hand opening, the pen knife the locking mechanism.

So custumers have to decide: If they want a knife with a locking blade, it has to be a two hand opening knife (like the Buck 110 etc). Or, if you want a one hand opening blade, the knive must not have a locking mechanism (slipjoinjt, friction folder). In both cases, blade length does not matter.

We discussed this matter some time ago, and as far as I remember, most people would prefer a blade, which can be locked. What I can understand for security reasons.

BTW, another aspect: German knife law distinguishes knives, which are weapons, and such, which are not. For example, a dagger or any auto knife is a weapon. Just as any other knife (fixed or folder), which is offered as a "fighting knife", Specopsgreenbarretsblabla.....-knife. For weapons, law has some more restrictions. And there is no 100% definition, what is a knife, and what is a tool.

Thanks to government, that gave us such a clear situation :mad:

For your idea for a "german law knife" this should be not an important issue - unless you are thinking about a slipjoint dagger :steirer:

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Well here's my thoughts:

- Since the law in UK is more restrictive, all knives that are designed for the UK market will be legal here, too, which makes another slip-joint redundant. What's more, slip joints are not going to see hard work, so the UKPK has pretty much all bases covered, as far as slip joints go.

- As for a two handed opening knife, I agree, that it is safer. However I do not like the look of the opening hole in the DKPK at all. I do understand that the round hole is Spyderco's trademark, but how about a small round hole (maybe the size of the hole on the Street Beat) down the blade towards the tip, where the notch is on traditional folders. To make it work from an aesthetical point of view, the blade could have a small hump, like on the Centofante 3 and 4, so that the hole doesn't seem random.

- My personal favorite would be a 3-4" fixed blade with a well thought-out carrying system. As for the design, I'd go with a simple yet versatile design. A hybrid between a Pukkoo and a Skean Dhu, full flat ground, no fancy recurve, maybe a small guard on the side of the edge.


PS: Please no thumb-rest-hump on the fixed blade, that was what ruined the Temperance for me. Speaking of the Temperance, that handle was fantastic! The same handle, scaled down a bit, with the blade being flush with the guard, so that you can cut food on a board. And a straight blade would be preferred, not canted like the one the Vagabond.

PPS: Phew, that's my initial thoughts. So far.
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I would love to see a Spyderco Police without opening hole on the market. To me the Police is one of the best knives I know.
Change the hole for a notch and I´ll buy ( another) one.

Don´t get me wrong - holes for opening are just perfect, but german legislature has screwed this :mad:
Hi Sal,

thanks a lot for taking a look at german customers wishes.

I do agree that the UKPK is perfect for all little tasks with its blade length and its slipjoint-mechanism. What we need (IMHO) is another two-handed locking knife with a blade length about 3,5" - a bit longer than the UKPK. Together with a very smooth locking mechanism (thinking about the ball bearing lock ;)) it will be perfect for me.

If you´ll put a notch to it, it will be fine; as well as a very little hole like the DKPK has.

Best regards

frank leone

I would prefer a german version of the endura and the delica.

These knives are the typical spyderco knives and it would be great if we can get a "legal" version without the spyderhole.

Instead of the hole a little spyder bug would look very nice i think.

I have got two delicas, one endura and one paramilitary and do not use these knives as edc since April the 1st.
That is a pity :(


I received my first Spyderco today (a Tenacious) and i am really impressed by the quality at that price range! I like it very much. And it makes me want some more... :glgl:

I would really appreciate a UK Pen Knife with steel liners and a black G10 handle. (btw: i can't understand why Spyderco discontinued the black version) The steel liners would make the knife more elegant and stable in my eyes.

The one hand function is more important for me than a lock. For everyday cutting tasks it's more important to have my knife quickly opened and closed, i think.
That's the reason why i went "illegal" with my new Tenacious. I've carried a SAK for a long time but opening it always seemed very inconvenient to me.


Normally I would prefer a locking folder. But we are talking about a Spyderco, and Spydercos have Spyderholes. In my opinion the hole in the DK-Folder is not a real Spyderhole :)
The design and function of this new knife should be attractive not only for German people.

I suggest to talk about a Onehand-Sliplockfolder.



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I do still have the model "pride". It is a nice edc, I would prefer something like that or like the Navigator II was, but with the strong springlock of the UKPK. Aluminium handle with various colours and maybe 2 sizes offered would be fine. And no flag, please:)
And if Spyderco finally decides to make a NAILNICK - I'm sure we will get used of that look, too! :):)
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i think a two-handed locking knife would be great. Spyderco has aready some slipjoint folders on the market. So why not enlarge the Spyderco Product Family by adding one (or two :steirer:) two-handed locking knives models.



Hi Sal!

As I already stated here, the UKPK is almost perfect for EDC but sometimes a little small. The exact same knife with a (approx.) 3,4 inch blade would be so NICE for Germany all aspects considered.
On the other hand it would also be nice for you to diversify your products, so a locking twohandoperator would be just fine, too. Just make sure its blade is not under 3 1/2 inches ;)



I would love to see a Spyderco Police without opening hole [...]


As the spyderhole is spyderco's trademark omitting it surely is a decision that shouldn't be made lightheartedly yet would allow a lot of people to carry a spyderco folder again.

Since the German knive laws changed I haven't carried my Manix or my Atlantic Salt which had been in my edc rotation for a long time. I really miss carrying these knives but don't feel like discussing my reasons for carrying them with cops. Due to the new German knive laws I have only bought a Spyderco Mule since. Normally I would have jumped at the Police 3 instantly as I've been waiting for a bigger folder from Spyderco for years but now I can't convince myself to buy a knife which might create legal troubles for me.

I would be overjoyed if I could buy any of the bigger Spyderco folders without a Spyderhole. Perhaps a laser engraved circle on the blade could replace the Spyderhole in a Germany Specific Spyderco model. Just call it the Spydercircle:)

Edit: I just saw in the other thread started by Sal that omitting the Spyderhole is no option. Then please make it only a tiny hole - as in the Street Beat for example.

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as many others, I´d prefer a strong slipjoint-folder. A Spyderco without its hole is no longer a Spyderco :).

But now, when I imagine a Military with any sign, branded on the edge instead of the hole... NICE, too^^

MfG, Lukas


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Perhaps a laser engraved circle on the blade could replace the Spyderhole in a Germany Specific Spyderco model. Just call it the Spydercircle:)


To my mind that's a great idea, even though we have to be sure, that people can't open a folder with this spydecircle with only one hand.

I would be very pleased, if I would be able to see a spyderco para-military with this spydercircle soon, although I am from Austria, but the idea itself sounds great:super:.

@quinque voces: you should get at least 1 $ for each knife sold with this spydercircle.:haemisch:

edit: I just saw that the spydercircle is an idea of mephistopheles, so he should get the dollar. But on the other hand sal said that they won't do it without the spyderhole, cause it's their trademark, so it seems as if the idea is dead before it was born...

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What about the hole disappearing behind the scales. If you have just a mm of the hole outside, it would be like there's no possibility to open it one-handed!


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Hi Sal,

first of all, thank you for taking care about the situation here.
That leaves a very shiny footprint. :super:

I would like to see more Slipits, maybe the Rookie without a lock.

For others the lock is more important, so a blade without the Spyderhole but a nailnick instead is the way to go.

Maybe it´s a solution to offer both, locking blade with nailnick, or slipjoint with Spyderhole.

best regards, Alex


I´m with cugar...

To each his own. A Slipit for the "FastDeployers" like me and a locking one for the more dangerous tasks.

I like the idea of an Spyderhole covered by the scales when closed. Although it will be difficult to design something like this without getting an ugly duckling (no pun intended)...

Thanks for looking out for us!