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hello, please excuse the English, my Deutsch is too poor to make it work here.

for sale 3 knives, each has its own issues and/or customizations done to them hence the lower prices:

hogue EX-03 - never used. blade is 154cm with factory edge. handle is some kind of frn like polymer customization: handle has removed glass breaker (photo). issue: originally knife came with tipdown clip setup. when I tried to switch to tip up I broke one screw due to screws being too thick to fit the holes and too soft to handle the torque. I drilled the broken screw and then exchanged all three to 1,92mm (originals were 1,98mm). clip still had play when using round heads so I ended up using flat head countersunk screws. the one that was drilled out is glued in with epoxy. nothing of this is visible on the knife but clip cant be swithed to tip down carry. included is original box and pouch.
asking 100e shipped.

benchmade nitrous stryker 913D2 - knife is a beater. blade is D2. its all scratched from use and sharpening with patina spots. on the other side handle is black G10 in excellent condition. custom titanium clip is mounted, original is included in the box. don't forget this knife has assisted opening customization: added finger choil (photo).
asking 100e shipped.

mcusta tsuchi 114bd - this knife was used and sharpened. blade is layered damascus with VG10 core. its an excellent slicer and the very best VG10 I ever had. handle is stainless steel with black coating. issue: the tip broke off so I grinded some material (4mm in length) off the top of the blade (photo) so it now has this micro bull nose. and I lost the original clip so there is a random low rider clip attached. no box for this one.
asking 100e shipped.

shipping with DPD from Slovakia. I would prefer bank transfer. let me know if you have questions.


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