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The date of November 17, 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the foundation of our company.

On our 25th anniversary, we renew our brand image with a new logo: a more stylized, dynamic and modern version of the historical factory logo, projecting Extrema Ratio in a future that follows the steps of our tradition of quality that made the brand so strong in the world as the years went by.


We have created a special section in our website, Extrema Ratio XXV Anniversarium, where you will find every news that will be published for this particular occasion:

XXV ANNIVERSARIUM – Extremaratio (

Today we are presenting some news, starting with the Harpoon F XXV Anniversarium, a limited edition of only 25 pieces of our iconic Harpoon F Tiger Tech model.

Harpoon F XXV Anniversarium will be sold exclusively on our website from today, 17th November 2022, at 2:30 PM (GMT +1).

You can find below a link to the product, which will be online and activated exactly at the date and time of the official release (today at 2:30 PM, GMT +1).



On our 25th anniversary, Extrema Ratio presents a limited edition series of only 25 pieces of our iconic Harpoon F Tiger Tech model.

Extrema Ratio Harpoon F is an exceptional multipurpose knife for both tactical and survival purposes.

Its solid blade, made of Böhler N690, has a width of 6,3 mm (0.25”) and features a modified spear-point shape.

The flat grind and its profile tapered at the point contribute to lighten it, ensuring perfect balance.

The false serration on its back is designed to bring out its function if geared to a pole and used as an harpoon.

It is 21 cm long, which is unusual for Extrema Ratio. This length was chosen to maximise the performance of the knife in every application.

The blade features the Geotech Camo customization, Extrema Ratio innovative and original camouflage pattern, laser-engraved, revisiting and renewing the Tiger Tech Camo finish from 25 years ago.

The grip is one of Extrema Ratio classics; an ergonomic handle made of Forprene, material that guarantees an excellent grip and damping of oscillations for a much more comfortable prolonged use, also on heavy duty.

The black cordura sheath, which is delivered in a separate box, is equipped with belt loops.

The knife is placed in a solid Polypropylene case, together with a metal plate engraved with the limited edition series numbering from 1 to 25.



As a testament of our dedication to design evolution, innovation, and emotion, we celebrate our 25th anniversary by making our debut in the Metaverse.

That’s why EXTREMAVERSE was established; a virtual space where anyone can live the metaversic Extrema Ratio experience, either with or without wearable VR devices.

All you need is to register to: EXTREMAVERSE | Spatial ( and you’re good to go!

A set of 25 ‘unique’ collectible NFTs (only 1 piece per each model) representing our most iconic knives will be available today at this link: NFT – Extremaratio (

Until 31st December 2022, people who purchased an NFT will be eligible for a set of benefits as illustrated in our NFT section.

If you are not familiar with this world, you will find a detailed guide on our website explaining how to purchase them.


You can find further information on these limited and special editions as well as on all other initiatives directly on our official website


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