Vintage French Foreign Legion dagger



Vintage French Foreign Legion dagger from the '60's or '70's by French manufacturer Begon in very nice condition.
Based on the Fairbairn-Sykes model, but with a lighter overall weight and fitted with a characteristically shorter handle (which is hollow and can be weighted to alter the balance)
The blade has never been sharpened and still has the factory flat edges.


Overall length: 29,0 cm
Blade length: 18,5 cm
Maximum blade thickness (ricasso): 4,68 mm
Steel: forged stainless steel
Guard: polished stainless steel
Handle material: impact resistant black plastic
Pommel: polished brass
Sheath: black leather
Weight (without sheath): 122,8 gram


Premium Mitglied
Great dagger in unusual fine condition.
Love that picture of the factory, really funny the Dogs „keeping legs warm“. Very interesting insight of a workshop a time ago.

Kind regards


Nice knife indeed ... where did you get it?

The dagger originally came from a friend of mine, a Dutch individual who served several years in the Foreign Legion as (iirc) a paratrooper.
He owned quite a few knives and daggers, and while i don't remember how he got this one, i do remember him not being overly fond of it, as due to having large hands the grip was way too small for him, even when holding it with his thumb on the ricasso.
Probably the reason why it ended up with me.