2 Swedish Air Force survival knives


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very interesting knives. I saw that the first picture was labeled "Wade and Butcher 1", and Wade and Butcher is a company that is - was - famous for straight razors also. Did Holmberg import the blades?
the knives look very nice, especially the receding choil which makes such knives more versatile and easy to sharpen, and I am looking forward to seeing them again after some "medical attention" from your side.


I labeled the pictures as such because of the resemblance these 2 knives have with my Wade & Butcher Boone knife: Wade & Butcher Boone fixed blade
Pontus Holmberg seems to have had more models in it's line-up that were "inspired" by knives from other makers, like for instance Marble's.


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Auf Seite 71 des Visier Spezial (12) "Militärmesser" finden sich unter dem Titel "Schweden-Happen" Bilder ganz ähnlicher "Messer im Stil des USN Mk I". Sie sollen angeblich zur Ausrüstung der (schwedischen) UN-Piloten, die bei einer Hungersnot im Kongo eingesetzt waren, gehören.