Böker Kiridashi sheath?



Excuse me for intruding the forums in english again, but I wanted to ask here because more people might be familiar with mentioned knife.

I have been thinking of getting Böker kiridashi. I want pocketable fixed blade for every day carry (as backup, I have other knife for main use). My only concern is how the sheath would work in the pocket. How easily does the knife wiggle in the sheath, and how is the retention overall? Would it be safe at all to carry the knife in pocket?

If anything else comes in mind about this knife, please tell. I appreciate it!

the retention is an overall good, but you may like to use something like a static cord for the ease of drawing.
(excuse my antiquated english)
Thanks, and no problem with english. :)
I think I might have to wait for next payday and consider something "fancier", though I like this kiridashi a lot. Im also considering prymate despite the outrageous pricetag. I wonder if those are coming out ever though. :steirer:
I don´t see any problem with the Kiridashi sheath when the knife is carried in the pocket of your pants.

And what do you mean with the Prymates about "ever coming out"?

They are on the market since Dec. 2009.
Mini-pry has been, but atleast here the bigger prymate hasn't ever been available. I checked today, and it should be coming in this month. I might invest to that.
Finland. Maybe I've had the wrong idea then, but I thought it wasn't widely made yet.. I guess I was wrong. I've also seen very few persons in knife-related communities to have it in first place.