Busse Imitat?




Heißt Busse nicht mehr Busse oder wie oder was ... ?

DAS ist jedenfalls schon zu auffällig!


The Maker: We are not some fly-by-night company or someone that makes knives in our basement. Our parent company, Fehrman Tool & Die, has been building high quality molds, tools, and dies since 1977. All of our experience, know-how, and equipment that we use to make top quality tooling
is now being applied to knives. We believe our approach is quite unique.

The Design: The knives you see are the result of countless hours of design and rework. All our work is designed on our high-end CAD workstations. The software we use costs $25,000 per seat, it allows us to design and analyze multiple shapes. Our blades offer many unique design features

The Materials: We made it a point to research and use only the best materials. We use an extremely high quality, fine grain Tool Steel for our
blades, Linen Micarta handles with a soft rubber lining, and stainless steel dowels and screws.

The Blade: The steel we use, F-3V, is 1/4 inch thick. This steel, our own 3-day heat-treat process, and the blade geometry all combine to make a blade that is extremely tough! The blade features a unique "3D-Grind" on the tip, as well as a hybrid tanto/hunter style point. The point is remarkably durable and very effective in a myriad of situations.

The Handle: The handles are Linen Micarta and after many revisions seem to be very comfortable to a wide variety of people and hand sizes. The handle is curved approximately 5 degrees to aid in chopping. Adding to the handles comfort are soft rubber gaskets between the handle slabs and the blade to reduce vibrations. The handle also features generous finger groove and choil areas, as well as very practical thumb ramps. The pommel is exposed for hammering. A lanyard hole is provided as well as an accessory hole near the forward choil.

The Sheath: The sheaths we have included are quick prototypes just to get something in your hand but our final sheaths are being hand made, and hand stitched by a local saddle maker from high quality leather. They will feature several tie down holes and have an upper and lower loop to slip your belt through (for high or low carry). The lower loop will actually be large enough to store an Altoids tin for a survival kit.

The Quality: Craftsmanship is the overriding factor. We want our knives to be characterized by quality and attention to detail. From comfortable thumb "grips", to chamfered edges, to subtle weight changes. we have tried to give special attention to every single aspect of a knifes utility and comfort.

The Guarantee: Finally, we are so confident in our blades that we offer a lifetime guarantee. Our knives are guaranteed not to fail . for life. If you unintentionally damage a Fehrman Knife we will recondition or replace it.

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Selbst die Garantie ist ähnlich, ebenso das Seitenlayout... naja.
Jetzt muß mir noch jemand sagen, was F3-V im Vergleich mit den anderen Stählen so taugt.

Ach ja: Für das "we recommend" kriegen die noch einen extra-Punkt von mir, den ich aber für die HP an sich wieder abziehe... *g*

Nur: Irgendwie wirken die Busses noch ein wenig archaischer (und das mit Gummi-Griff).

MfG, Tierlieb
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welch Zufall...

...ein besonderer Stahl, eine besondere Stahlverarbeitung, ein besonderer Schliff, höchste Qualität für höchste Ansprüche...

"Our blades offer many unique design features" - hmmm, ich glaub' ich muss "unique" nochmal nachschlagen.


Irgendwo hab ich gelesen dass der Macher sagte daß er sich an TOPS, Rinaldi und noch ein paar anderen orientiert hat. Ich weiß nicht mehr genau wo das war, werd aber später noch einmal nachschauen ob ich es wieder finde.

Irgendwie stimmts auch. Der Griff sieht dem der Anaconda von TOPS ähnlicher als denen von Busse ;)

Hier sind übrigens noch ein paar mehr Links zu Bildern der Messer von Fehrmann.
Hm, und Doppelnamen haben sie auch alle die Messer, könnten direkt aus einem Busse Namecontest stammen:rolleyes: