Euer liebstes MT?

Huch, ich hab hier ja noch gar nicht geantwortet!

SE M/A (Plain/Anopeen), aber sicher nur so lange, bis mein LCC D/A (Plain/Stonewash) kommt

Na ja, das M-Socom Auto Tanto muß ich eigentlich auch nennen, weil ich das jeden Tag in der Tasche habe

Original erstellt von ModifiedTanto:
Mein liebstes MT ist zur Zeit noch mein Kestrel Auto Tritium!
Das leuchtet so schön in der dunklen Vitrine.

Ach JENS, da habe ich was über TRITIUM gefunden:TRITIUM

Tritium (Hydrogen-3) is an isotope of hydrogen gas. It can be man-made, but it is also a naturally occurring substance that is produced by cosmic ray action and by the decay of natural radionuclides in rocks and soil. It is a colorless, odorless gas, lighter than air. The half life of tritium is 12.28 years. It is present in air and water all over the earth and is regularly ingested and breathed by everyone. All humans contain trace amounts of tritium and several other naturally occurring radioisotopes.

Many isotopes are stable and retain their structure indefinitely. However, some isotopes, including tritium, are not stable and are said to be radioactive. As the tritium nucleus decays it emits an electron, causing energy to be released in the form of beta radiation. A new nucleus is then formed with two protons and one neutron thereby becoming a form of non-radioactive helium. During this of decay is where we "see" the glowing effect of tritium.

Tritium beta emissions are very weak. No other primary radiation is emitted. In fact, tritium emits the lowest level of beta radiation energy of all isotopes. The beta particles are easily stopped by thin layers of any solid material and are unable to penetrate our body’s skin.

Since tritium gas cannot penetrate the skin, the radiation exposure is received through the lungs where it mixes with the body fluids. Tritium is not absorbed by the bone marrow or other body organs and instead is expelled from the body through urination in a very short period of time.


Also, bis in 12,28 Jahren, dann leuchtet es nur noch halb so schön
vielen dank stinkes!!!

wenn ich das ende richtig verstanden habe, muß ich wohl nachdem ich mein tritium kestrel liebkost habe sicherheitshalber erst mal pinkeln gehn???!!!???