Fox Knives - European Product Design Award

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Fox Knives - European Product Design Award​


We are pleased to announce that our multi-purpose knife Vulpis and our upcoming release, the Metamorphosis, have received recognition at the European Product Design Award in the categories OUTDOOR/Trekking & Camping: Accessories and OUTDOOR/Outdoor Activities: Other Designs

Fox Knives - Vulpis​

Fox Knives has been dialoguing with a dynamic and competitive market for more than four decades and has chosen to travel the road of research and development with a gritty and personality-rich approach: a design that is constantly evolving.

The roots of the area remain the “handcraft tradition” with which the company operates, studying the history of Maniago cutlery to update industrial production processes.

The VULPIS series was born from the need to create a compact, versatile multi-purpose knife with a modern style that creates a perfect marriage with historical products. The inspiration for the creation of this line starts from “DUCA”, the name of the multi-purpose for Maniago people, a knife born in the second half of the 1800s in Maniago when hunting sharpeners with different sized blades, ivory toothpicks and tweezers to remove thorns were produced. These knives were presented at the National Exposition in Turin in 1888 by the Bet Giovanni firm, which won a gold medal for the quality of its products, and so it was that, most likely, Luigi Amedeo of Savoia, Duke of the Abruzzi, wanted to go to one of the company’s two stores in Turin where he saw and ordered the four-bladed multi-purpose knife that he chose as part of the equipment for the North Pole expedition he captained in 1899.

Today the multipurpose is remains a popular accessory for outdoor and sports enthusiasts, but it can be an everyday tool for anyone.

The model is designed to be small and pocketable, convenient and with a simple and elegant design without taking away from comfort and performance.

Fox Knives - Metamorphosis​


The new Metamorphosis knife stems from the desire of Gabriele Frati (CEO and owner of Oreste Frati srl) to offer the innovative possibility of being able to customize a knife by combining different components, leaving the opportunity to create a unique and truly personal object.

The Fox Knives team has been working hard to refine the technique for selfassembly: the shopkeeper will have the opportunity to present in a special box the various components that, initially, the ones that can be customized, will be different types of blade shapes and steels and different types of handle scales that the end customer will be able to match and combine through the central mechanism equipped with the patented Radius opening system. The central mechanism is the core of the design: the knife is developed from the center, in it the blade and scales can be mounted thanks to the screwdriver and screws in the kit.

The Radius system is unique in terms of both safety and practicality of movement; unlike its ancestor, the Metamorphosis has flipper making it a fidget in its own right. Metamorphosis is opportunity: opportunity for all enthusiasts who do not have the proper tools or skills to build their own knife from scratch; opportunity to unleash creativity and personality to make a singular knife; opportunity to own a knife that changes according to one’s needs and situations.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our dedicated customers and knife enthusiasts for your incredible support. It is also thanks to you that we have achieved this significant milestone, and we are thrilled to share this success with all of you.

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