How about an english/european Microtech Forum?

As i never learned German i like this idea VERY much

A great place for us european microholics to meet and share ideas around MT knives.
A big kudo in getting this forum up and running!

Be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

"May all your detonations be expected"

The coolest bar in the world:
2 sharp i like it also!

check the for sale section on some rare microtechs! I think there are no custom duties in the european community! so only a marginal shipping charge should apply! I can get you all (including autos hehe!

guys, i think a own english microtech ONLY forum is not a good idea, then we have to make a own english knife discussion, knifemakers inn, handmade forum etc.

better would be a "european knife forum" in english, of course you have not to be an european to post there.