Knife law in Holland


Ich sprache Deutsch nur ein bischien... so please, forgive me English in this topic ;)

It's very likely that I'll go to Holland for a couple of weeks. So, what can I carry there and what can put me in a trouble? Auto? One hand openers? locking blades? I'd like to take my Mnandi as EDC and Sebenza as utility knife, but only if I can carry such knives in Hollnad. Please help...


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Hi Piter,

the situation in Holland is somewhat problematic. There is no such thing as a fixed definition in a law as to what is allowed and what is not. The decision if something you carry is legal or not is left to the police officer that found the knife on you. If he decides to declare it as a weapon, you are in trouble. The knife will be confiscated and you will have to pay a fine. If the officer doesn't declare it as a weapon you don't have a problem. Mostly it all depends on how you behave. A Mnandi on a Gentleman is a Gent's Knife. The same Mnandi in the posession of a crack dealer is a weapon.

I live in Aachen, just 5 km from the frontier to Holland. I spend a lot of time in Holland and Belgium and i never had a problem carrying my big Sebbie visibly clipped into the pocket of my trousers. I even sold my knives on a motorbike meeting in Holland some years ago and had some good discussions with some of the (motorbiking) officers attending and controlling the meeting.

Use common sense and you won't have too much of a Problem.