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New knife update

STYLE: Convex SplinterS.
STEEL: "O1" high carbon steel.
FINISH: Hand Rubbed.
HANDLE: Jade G10, White G10 Liners.
HARDWARE: Brass, one mosaic pin.
SHEATH: Black Bushcraft Leather Sheath. Plus US$38.00 you can change to a multipurpose “S1” Leather sheath.

(230mm) 9.05” OAL.
(115mm) 4.52” from handle to tip.
(4mm) .157” thick.
New 330mm blade, thank you. :super:

OVERALL LENGTH: 13” (330mm).
BLADE LENGTH: 8.1/4” (210mm).
THICKNESS: 7/32” (6mm).
Hello everyone, a new fantastic big multipurpose knife to sell, a real crocodile dundee knife, hope you guys like it.

(MLL Knives) - 14.3/4" FALCATA
STYLE: Adirondacks Convex.
STEEL: "O1" Carbon Steel.
BLADE FINISH: Hand Rubbed.
HANDLE: Red Micarta, Black Liners.
HARDWARE: Carbon Fiber.
SHEATH COLOR: Black or brown.
Tanto knife update, thank you.


STYLE: Tanto.
STEEL: "O1" Tool Steel.
BLADE FINISH: Textured washed.
HANDLE: Styled Black/Gray G10.
SHEATH: Holstex Carbon Fiber Sheath.

OVERALL LENGTH: (300mm) 12".
BLADE LENGTH: (175mm) 7".
THICKNESS: (6mm) 1/4".


STYLE: Convex SplinterS.
STEEL: "O1" Carbon Steel.
BLADE FINISH: Forged Finish.
HANDLE: Natural Yellow Sumac Wood, Brown Burlap Micarta Liners.
HARDWARE: Black G10 pins, Brass Lanyard Tube and Mosaic Pin.
SHEATH: Standard Black Leather Sheath.

OVERALL LENGTH: (220mm) 8.66".
BLADE LENGTH: (105mm) 4.13".
THICKNESS: (4mm) 5/32".