Neuigkeiten von MoD


Ich setze das hier mal in das MT-Forum. Weil MoD da ja leicht verwant mit ist sollte das hier am besten rein passen. Wenn die Admin. was dagegen hat dann bitte ab in den Verschiebebahnhof.

The Masters of Defense Knife Company would like to express our appreciation to our customers and those who have expressed interest in learning more about a specific pattern or the line as a whole. Since the first of the year, we have incorporated new manufacturing procedures, bought new equipment and added personnel to maximize our output capabilities, while maintaining strict quality control standards. The five original patterns have now been in production for three years and continue to find and satisfy new customers every day. The CQD Series offers the professional and civilian communities the strongest, most versatile tactical edged weaponry available. These knives are now in use by Naval Special Warfare Teams, Army Rangers, Marine Recon, The Coast Guard, the Mobile Security Division from the State Dept. and other elite groups from the Military and Law Enforcement community. Fire fighters and EMT personnel have found the extra features on these knives invaluable for!
escue and extraction situations.

The Scorpion Neck knife enjoys wide use as a discreet back up piece with Law Enforcement and caught the attention of the outdoor type looking for a compact and versatile skinning tool. The mini Tek lock allows the Scorpion to be conveniently carried on the belt or on other gear if so desired.

The Mark V ATAC Fighter recently won the industry’s highest award, the “Overall Knife of the Year Award” at the 2001 International Blade Show in Atlanta. This extraordinary fixed blade augments the two folders in the CQD series. The dimensions are 12.875” overall length, 6.875” blade length, and .225” in. blade thickness. The blade material is A-2 carbon steel and the handle is a glass impregnated nylon. Attention is naturally drawn to the Striker Hilt design in the guard area. This setup allows the user to block incoming strikes, trap objects or appendages, puncture cans and/or bladders (saving the tip of the blade from possible damage), and can be used to pry with in certain circumstances. Other valuable defensive functions include using the hilt as a knuckle for impact strikes or for limited penetration if useful for desired results. We plan to release the MK V by the 10th of November.

MOD is currently featuring some special offerings. We were tapped to produce the 25th anniversary knife for Soldier of Fortune Magazine. These are available to retail customers or can be offered to dealers at regular prices for the Janich Tempest. This special version of the Tempest has the SOF anniversary logo laser etched into the handle on the “Show” side of the knives. In an effort to focus our resources on production, MOD will no longer produce the hand ground, satin and black satin versions of these knives. We are offering these exceptional knives at a 20% discount while inventory lasts. We have the Watson Trident and the Casillas Ladyhawk available for $199.98. Dealer prices for these knives have also been reduced by 20%.

MOD will also be producing 150 large CQD MK I Damascus automatics and 200 small CQD MK II Damascus automatics. You may call us toll free at 888-832-4158 for pricing on these pieces. Each will be numbered. Since they are automatic, sales are limited to qualified dealers and individuals.

On October 25th MOD, will begin shipping a limited Edition of the Dieter CQD MK I folder. This is the exact version of the knife sent to elite Spec. Ops. Groups through the CQD Training Center. Only 2000 of these will be made and will be numbered 001 through 2000. They differ from the regular version in several ways. The push button is waffled, the thumbstuds are ribbed, the blade is sterile (Black with no identification except a number ), and the knife is sharpened on the top edge approximately 1.25 inches from the point back. A Kydex sheath allowing the knife to be carried in an open position is included with each knife. Retail cost is $380.00 and the normal discount structure for dealers and distributors is in effect. Please let us know how many of these limited knives you would like to reserve.

Thanks and Take Care,
Jim Ray
Masters of Defense, LLC