Nextorch Taschenlampen für die Polizei


From watching Youtube videos I see that some German cops are using Nextorch.

How comes they didn't go with a domestic brand of light?

Is this why Led Lenser now has a tactical range for the European market?

Does anyone know which models they use and if they are satisfied with the quality?

I'm old fashioned I'd much prefer they bought Maglite, Peli, Surefire, Streamlight, or Led Lenser.
Generally, there´s not a unitary issued flashlight for the police in Germany.

Though we have a federal police as well, the normal police is administered by each German state, and they have different equipment. Every state makes his own decision, for pistols, flashlights and so on.
In addition to beagleboys post, which is 100% correct:
The police in every state, e.g. Bavarian police, wants to buy a new flashlight, which is issued to the new officers. The make a list of features, which the new flashlight must have. Then they have to publish this project with very detailed rules. Dealers or manufacturers from everywhere in Europe can now offer their products, which meet the specifications. After a specified time frame, the procurement office will make a decision and a contract...
Some special units can buy on the free market without these regulations.
In Bavaria we had lights from Ledwave, right now there is a contract with Nitecore..
In Bavaria we had lights from Ledwave, right now there is a contract with Nitecore..
Additionally there are a lot of privat bought flashlights. The once provided flashlight was like a mini Maglite knockoff, called Amperlite2000. Bright like a candle with a mirror. The Ledwave was an improvement and the Nitecore an improvement again.

When there is a new flashlight introduced, as senior you do not get a new one. Only as a newbie you get the new one. (or if you lost your old one)

I am using a ThruNite Scorpion V2 for a long time now and sometimes a Nextorch TA15. The direct accessiability of the high mode is mandatory for me. And the menu has to avoid incorrect operation. If I push the button I have to know what is happening before it is pushed. No programming or internal memory for me. Both of my flashlights tick those boxes for me. Ring selector at the rear.
Right, I startet with the issued Amperlite - to be precise: I got it, but never used it ;) From day one in this profession I used flashlights which fulfilled my needs - so all of them were bought by myself. Parts of this journey can be read in my flashlight guide in the reviews forum. Today, my main lights are a Klarus 360x1 and two Surefire 6P, one with Malkoff dropin, one with a high cri neutral white dropin from KD. But there are many more, I use frequently..
Interesting story: The Nextorch for the federal police is a modified TA30, the max power is reduced to 460 lumen and the tail switch will latch on (original version: 1300 lumen, tailswitch is momentary only)
The bavarian Nitecore is based on an older MH12 model (I think it was this one, have to research again), but without the side switch - so again a flashlight with reduced features compared to the original version (why not just buy a standard light which meets the specifications?)
During training, every police officer receives basic equipment. In the case of the Free State of Saxony, this is the LED Lenser in terms of flashlights. Other brands are consequently privately procured equipment. I prefer Surefire.

The flashlight is the LED Lenser P7.
Only premium members can upload pictures here. A link to the site of a dealer or the manufacturer I do not want to post here. So please search yourself for pictures of the P7 lamp. The holster for it is made of black codura with velcro.
I hope I could help you further.

Bill. B. Z.
The LED Lenser T 7.2 has been standard issue for the police in Baden-Württemberg and is now being replaced by the Nextorch TA30.

In my opinion the T 7.2 was not a good choice for a tactical flashlight and I've never used it on duty.

I used to have an Olight M20 warrior and have replaced that recently with a Fenix TK20R V2 which is the best flashlight I have owned so far.
Is it fine to post externally hosted pictures as I do?

I know P7 as I have P7R and P7R SE. I also have a T7.2 I imported from Germany. I strongly dislike that the next click after turning it on is to a lower mode. That is fine for a light in the trades but no very tactical. With some Ansmann akku it is a decent light.