Scandimesser for sale


Hi and thanks for looking.

I will (God willing and weather permitting) countiniously show knives that are for sale on this forum. To simplify the economic part of "zu verkaufen" all economic details will be expressed in Swedish (SEK) krowns. To calculate the price in your own currency use the thumbrule:
-1 Euro is a Little more the 9 SEK.

Stacked Birch Bark handeled "work horse".

This Birch Bark knife is built on a more than 20 years old (never used) Bergström/Kourbevara blade. A blade used in many Sami EDC-knives.

The blade has a black finish and measures 95 x 21 x 2,5 mm, carbon steel.

The handle is premium Birch Bark, Musk Ox Horn and Messing.

The sheat is half tanned leather with a belt loop button of Musk Ox.

Since the blade is a EDC-blade designed for work and not for exhibition it may look a litle bit rough. The whole package, handle and sheat, is made accordingly. It has delibertly a finish that can be described as 85% if the absolute superfinnish is 100%.

The knife will be a good companion for outdoor Life such as hunting, camping, buschkrafting etc. Or just use it as a powerful withler.

The price is: 1700 SEK + transport (PayPal COSTs are included in the price.

Thanks for looking