Spyderco byte February 2023 - ENUFF™ 2

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Spyderco byte February 2023 - ENUFF™ 2​

  • FB31PBK2 / SBK2 / PBL2K390
  • ENUFF™ 2
  • MSRP: $240.00 - $320.00
  • ORIGIN: Japan

There is a significant difference between casual knife users and those who use their blades for serious cutting chores. Experienced users know that, for most cutting tasks, the closer the material being cut is to the “heel” of the blade (the part of the sharpened edge closest to the handle), the more leverage and control they will have.

As a knife’s blade gets longer, the leverage of its length can actually work against the strength of the user’s hand, making it difficult to apply cutting pressure with the distal portion of the edge. Not until the blade offers enough length and mass to serve as a chopping tool does additional length really offer increased performance.


So how much blade is just enough? Spyderco’s original answer to that question was the Enuff series—a family of three fixed-blade designs that shared a common handle, overall size, and sheath design, but offered distinctly different blade styles. Designed by Spyderco co-founder Sal Glesser and introduced in 2013, the Enuff family included versions with a clip-point profile, a leaf-shaped blade, and a sheepfoot. All three blades were 2.75 inches (70mm) long and crafted from stout 4mm (0.157-inch) thick VG-10 stainless steel.

The clip point and leaf-shaped blades were both plain edged and full-flat ground to yield exceptional edge geometry for precision cutting chores and point utility. The sheepfoot Enuff was saber ground and featured a straight SpyderEdge™ cutting edge. Its carefully radiused profile and aggressive fully serrated edge provided a rescue-style blade that was ideal for safely cutting seat belts, webbing, rope, and similar materials in the high stress of a critical incident. At the same time, the distal portion of the edge included a subtle but functional point for detailed chores.


The members of the Enuff family shared an identical full-tang handle profile that enabled them to utilize the same exact scales, which were injection molded from durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN). Attached to the knives’ skeletonized tangs with stainless steel Torx® hardware, the scales were contoured to provide a hand-filling grip and featured Spyderco’s signature Bi-Directional Texturing™ pattern—a series of opposing angled steps radiating out from the center of the handle to ensure superior traction and a non-slip grip. The refined, ergonomic shape of the handle bracketed the hand comfortably, providing both a functional guard to prevent it from moving forward and a gently hooked butt for superior control during pull cuts and when drawing from a sheath. A generously sized lanyard hole also allowed the easy attachment of a fob or lanyard for additional security.

Since sheepfoot blades are the go-to cutting tools of many watersports enthusiasts, in 2013, Spyderco introduced a version of the sheepfoot Enuff crafted from H-1 steel—an ultra-corrosion-resistant nitrogen-based blade material. Its handle scales were also molded in bright yellow for easy visibility in and around the water. Known as the Enuff™ Salt®, it found immediate favor among divers and sailors. And, like the other knives in our Salt® Series, its blade steel transitioned from H-1 to H-2 steel in 2022.


All Enuff knives used the same injection-molded polymer sheath design, which featured two “ears” at the mouth that snap around the leading edge of the handle scales to hold the knife securely in place. Enuff sheaths also came equipped with Spyderco’s G-Clip™ attachment, which supported both belt carry and clip-style inside-the-waistband carry.

The G-Clip’s versatile design also allowed the Enuff sheaths to be configured for vertical, horizontal, or diagonally canted carry positions. Since the sheaths were assembled with eyelets instead of solid rivets, the G-Clip could also be removed entirely and the sheaths lashed to webbing, flotation gear, or other platforms using zip-ties or paracord.


The Enuff 2:​

Despite the irrefutable logic of the Enuff series’ design concept, according to some of our customers, “Enuff wasn’t always enough.” They loved the handle design and the extreme cutting leverage of the knives’ short edges, but felt the blades were too thick and too short for optimal versatility.

Based on that feedback, we discontinued the Enuff series in late 2022, with the notable exception of the Enuff Salt. At the same time, we introduced a leaner, sleeker, and longer successor—the Enuff 2.


The Enuff 2 proudly features the same injection-molded FRN scales and skeletonized full-tang construction as the original Enuff designs, but at 3.95 inches (100mm), its leaf-shaped blade is 44 percent longer. Like its predecessors, its blade is also crafted from VG-10 stainless steel; however, it is machined from 0.118-inch-thick (3mm) stock, making it 25 percent thinner. Available in both PlainEdge™ and fully serrated SpyderEdge formats, the longer, leaner blade offers outstanding edge geometry and point utility for even the most demanding uses. The Enuff 2’s injection-molded scales are completely faithful to the original design, featuring Spyderco’s signature Bi-Directional Texturing for a secure, non-slip grip and a generously sized lanyard hole for the easy attachment of fobs and lanyards.

When not in use, the Enuff 2 rides in an injection-molded polymer sheath that is reminiscent of the sheath of first-generation Enuffs. The mouth of the sheath has integral “ears” that grip the leading edges of the handle scales for a secure snap fit. However, as an extra measure of security, the sheath also features a leather retaining strap secured by a stainless steel stud. To provide a broad spectrum of carry options, it comes complete with a G-Clip mount that can be configured for angle-adjustable belt wear on either side of the body and also functions as a spring clip for inside-the-waistband carry.


The K390 Factor​

While the VG-10 blade of the standard Enuff 2 will eagerly tackle even the toughest cutting chores, for fans of more exotic blade materials we have supercharged the design by rendering it with K390 tool steel. Manufactured by Böhler-Uddeholm, K390 MICROCLEAN® is a state-of-the-art particle metallurgy tool steel that takes an exceptional edge and holds it for a very long time. Like its stainless steel counterpart, the K390 Enuff 2 is full-flat ground for low-friction edge geometry and will be available in both PlainEdge and SpyderEdge configurations. It also features a skeletonized full tang and the same FRN scale design, but instead of black, its scales are injection molded in the signature blue color of Spyderco’s growing family of K390-bladed knives. To ensure ease of carry and immediate access, the K390 Enuff 2 includes the same injection-molded polymer sheath, dual retention features, and versatile G-Clip mount.

The Enuff 2 is a highly evolved fixed-blade design that refines the concept of the original Enuff series based largely on feedback from our customers. And when it comes to the Constant Quality Improvement (C.Q.I.) that consistently makes our products better, “enuff is never enuff.”

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