Vintage Kienel & Piel Fahrtenmesser


Vintage Kienel & Piel scout knife, possibly from the '30's, with full convex hot drop-forged stainless blade, nickel silver guard & crown sambar stag handle.


Overall length: 27,2 cm
Blade length: 15,6 cm
Blade thickness: 5,5 mm
Steel: hot drop-forged stainless
Guard: nickel silver
Handle material: Crown sambar stag
Sheath: Leather


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Vintage Kienel & Piel scout knife, possibly from the '30's, ...

I doubt that the style of lettering ('font') does match with a possible time frame from the 1930s.
I would date the font post WWII, maybe 1960s or even later.

Do you know any background of Kienel & Piel cutler?

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The only thing i know about the knife is what the seller told me, which was that his grandfather bought it in the 1930's, and that it had been in his family ever since.
This might be true, in part because the ricasso still reads "Rostfrei" instead of the more common "Stainless" which was generally used on post-WWII Solingen knives made for export.
Personally i would have guessed early '50's, in part based on this knife which has the exact same blade shape in carbon steel:

Manufacturer Kienel & Piel so far remains a mystery, as i haven't been able to find any solid info on them.

The knife itself however is well made, and it's the first Solingen scout model that i've seen with a full crown sambar stag handle.
It's also in very good condition for it's age.