I apogise in advance but my Deutsch is very limited beyond some basic conversational level and some technical terms I learn as I come across them. I have been a Lenser fan since 2009 having started on V12, V2, Hokus Focus. Some Austrian recommended this place as the best site on the internet to discuss such tachenlampen but that was a long time ago.

Recently I've obtained one of my original lights but it was destroyed by leaking alkalines. I have a new V2 I ordered from Germany to replace it. I got a TT, T7.2, F1, F1R, X21R, P7R, P7R SE, P3, P4, P17, and maybe some more. I'll take a picture soon.

Is anyone here into Led Lensers and has a collection of them? I understand they are a rather basic quality of flashlight but their designs really are neat. It took them getting to the point of the F1 or maybe the X21 to really be a quality torch that was usuable. Since then their lights have been decent. I feel that more lumens or lux is more useful than really long runtimes of their early days.
LED Lensers are norrmally not very popular here. May be it's a result of really high prices at stores and the poor ratio to their performance. Their very agressive marketing here with crazy technobubble may also offend many users.

I still own an older David 19 as a Backup. It is pimped a little by using an AA-Li-Battery but it seems really indefatigable after so many years. But its lack power is a little anachronistic.
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I think their only redeeming value is in the design. If you aren't using them they are at least pleasant to look at or feel good in the hand. That is why I still like a V2 when it way underperforms. It seems they have highs and lows on design with some that are too much like other lights in the market. The new flagship lights with the side button seems like any other Chinese style light.
MagLite you mean? I have those too but they are more for use than design which is average.

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woah you're more into flashlights than me!
yes that iconic brand. good luck with LL. i never owned one